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Google Adsense's Dictionary

Account Activation

After successfully submitted your application and verify your email address Adsense, Adsense team will evaluate our application and send an email to us within a few days, sometimes up to two weeks if our application is received, then we can activate Adsense account by logging in through and started to copy and paste Adsense code into the web page where you want to paste the Adsense.

Account Creation
Making Adsense Account. Adsense account will we get if we accepted applications Adsense program. Kemudiaan we can begin to log into our member area Adsense account.

Actual Cost-Per-Click / Actual CPC
Total cost incurred by advertisers for each ad click they receive. Actual CPC is usually the same as or lower than the maximum price of the CPC (cost per click / cost per click) which have been determined.

Actual Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions / Actual CPM
Total cost incurred by the advertiser for each view / appearance of their ads. Actual CPM will usually equal to or lower than the maximum price of CPM that has been determined.

Ad layouts
Ad format that will be displayed on the site publisher (the owner Adsense account). A publisher can choose the appropriate format with the site. Starting from the size, shape and appearance of the Adsense ads that will appear, even including the color.

Ad Layout Code
The HTML code will be issued by a publisher (website owner) on site pages that have been on-Constitution (approved)

Ad Rank
Ad position on a single page website that is based on the average maximum cost of advertising and the emergence of ad-per-click (CPC).

Ad Server

Computer operated by a third party that serves to send ads to the website where the ad will be displayed. Use Ad Server is very helpful in increasing trust between advertisers and website owners because each calculation is objectively managed by a third party.

Ad Unit
Type of ad views that resulted from one kind of Adsense code.

For some reason, the revenue we get the possibility to enter the debit or credit, we can check this information on page 'Payment History'. Adjustments presence allows us to perform checks on the payment, the amount of invalid clicks, and other things.

AdSense For Search Fees
The statement contained in a written agreement Google Adsense, in which we receive revenue from Adsense is still to be cut off by the cost of another. This agreement applies only to a particular publisher.

One of the advertising programs offered by Google such as PPC (Pay Per Click). Companies that want to promote their products or services can join the program. Adwords ads that appear on the Publisher site called 'Adsense'.

Alternate ads
Alternate Ads allow us to monitor ad space when Google does not display targeted ads to the pages of our site. By determining the image or ad server in accordance with the desire, then we can ensure that advertising space is always used effectively, either by the content-targeted ads or by our own choice.

Alternate Ads will appear at the moment there are no targeted ads available for our website pages. If this happens, the ad space is no longer on-brand in the name of 'Ads by Google', but can we specify in accordance with the desire.

Check Fees

Specific costs charged for delivery of payment checks or stop payment checks.

In the context of Adsense Publisher Reports, click here associated with a visitor clicks on ads on publisher pages. This column also contains the invalid clicks that are not profitable. Meanwhile, click on public service ads are not included in the Adsense Publisher Reports.

Click Fraud
Crimes are being made to increase the number of clicks for advertisers. People who do click fraud to get money from the clicks generated even though the clicks are not from the actual customer.

Click on the banner or other ads. Each click will link directly to advertiser website links.

Clickthrough rate (CTR)
In the context of Adsense Publisher Reports, CTR is the number of Adsense ad clicks divided by the number of times an Adsense ad.

Color Palette
Adsense provides the opportunity for every publisher to make changes to the color of the ads that will appear. Color Palette enables us to be able to ensure that the text color, background and border have conformed or matched with our site or not.

Competitive Ad Filter

List of URLs (website addresses) that can be created and stored on a publisher account with the aim to block ads from certain websites. By adding a specific URL, then our site will not show ads from that URL.

A general term often used to describe information in a digital context. This may take the form of web pages, or in the form of a collection of file information such as voice, text, images and video.

Contextual Advertising
Sponsor link (ads) that appear alongside related content and not from the Search Engine. For example, we have articles about health in our site, and near the article there are ads about health care like Adsense, now called Contextual Advertising. In other words, one might say that Google Adsense, including contextual advertising.

Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
Costs incurred by the advertiser each time a visitor clicks on their ad. Google AdWords has a CPC pricing system itself.

Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions (CPM)
Costs incurred by the advertiser each time their ad appears 1000 times.

How to Search Engine robots in exploring every page of our site.

Preference Distribution

Allows adwords advertisers to display their ads on the search column, content or products into the Google network. Not all Google Adwords ads appear on AdSense pages.

Effective CPM (eCPM)

Cost per 1000 appearance. In the context of the publisher, CPM is useful to compare the income derived from different channels and several advertising programs. The calculation is obtained by dividing total earnings by the number of times per 1000. For example, if the publishers get $ 180 from 45,000 emergence, then CPMnya equals $ 180/45, or $ 4.00.


Adwords advertisers can choose to display ads targeted to their specific location and language. Adword ads will appear on the site depends Adsense Geo targeting settings made by the advertiser and Adsense site owners. For example, you want to promote Asian Brain IMC only to people who open the internet in Indonesia. One moment there are people in America who opened, say the ABC site that speak Indonesian and have Adsense, your ad is not displayed. But if there are people who open the ABC website is from Indonesia, your ad will appear.

Google Adsense
One of the Google program that allows publishers (website owners) get revenue from targeted ads placed on its website.

Google Advertising Network
Google Adwords ad is not displayed only in Google Search Engine but also the entire Google advertising network. Including search sites like America Online, CompuServe, Netscape, etc.. Likewise with content sites like the New York Post,, JavaWorld, LinuxWorld, HowStuffWorks, etc..

Maximum Cost-Per-Click

Maximum CPC costs that need to be removed by the advertiser.

Maximum Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions
Maximum CPM costs that need to be removed by the advertiser.

Mod is short for Modification.

Market a very specific niche products and services includes specific.

Page eCPM (aka. Effective CPM)
Cost per 1000 ad to appear. Viewed from the perspective of publishers, CPM is useful to compare the income derived from different channels and several advertising programs. The calculation is obtained by dividing total earnings by the number of times per 1000. For example, if the publishers get $ 180 from 45,000 ad appears, then CPMnya equal $ 180/45, or $ 4.00.

Page Impression
One "Page Impression" is calculated each time a single ad unit appearing on the site publisher. A simple example, when you visit, was calculated first impression, when you refresh the browser again it counted as an impression. In other words this page impressions is calculated not based on unique visitors (visitors who are different), but how many times an ad on a web page looks.

Page View
Calculations about how many times a visitor accesses a web page. Page views can be used interchangeably with the page impression.

Public service ads that will appear if there are no targeted ads, or if  google can not detect the content of the pages of a website. Publisher will not get benefits for ad clicks derived from PSA.

Website owners who join the program by placing Adsense code in several pages of his website.


The computer program that is interpreted by a programming language such as JavaScript or Perl is commonly used to create dynamic site content.

Site Scraper
Also known as 'Site strippers' or 'Scraper Sites'. Programs that many people use to create a website similar to the directory. Almost all the 'Site Scraper' do not have their own unique content creation, all content obtained from other websites in Search Engine.

Site Targeting
Ad delivery process from the advertiser to targeted visitors through the site's content is targeted.

Type a vertical Adsense ad units.

Smart Pricing
Google is always analyze the data coming into their network constantly. If a particular click data they get from showing a decline, then Google does not hesitate to lower the price paid by advertisers for that click.

Automated software program which is also known as 'bots' (short for robot), in charge of exploring and following every development of a web page with hyperlinks in it. Used by search engines to build indexes.


View standard layouts containing basic details of a page.

Terms Of Service (TOS)
Regulations that must be complied with and agreed upon by people who want to use the services offered. For example, by breaking the Google TOS, then we can be excluded from Adsense. For more details about the regulations established specifically for Google Adsense, please visit

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