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Hire bloggers to blog about your company, service or website. PayPerPost gives you access to a diverse pool of bloggers from all over the world. Make offers, negotiate deals and approve posts.

Make money blogging!
PayPerPost lets you pick your advertisers, name your own price and negotiate your own deals. You can get paid to blog on virtually any subject. Sign up below!


1. Create an Opportunity
Provide information about the message you want to spread and what the requirements are. Tell bloggers how many words you would like for each post and the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each post.

2. Determine High-Level Segmentation
Filter bloggers based on blog stats, categories and country.

3. Provide Linking Information
Tell bloggers where and how you would like them to direct traffic back to your site.

4. Generate Matches & Make Offers
We will provide a list of blogs that meet your segmentation requirements. You can choose to make an offer to one, some or all of those bloggers. You can also use the “Generate Leads” button to negotiate prices with bloggers on a large scale.

5. View Results
Review blog posts as they come in and manage your entire campaign from a simple dashboard.

The Monthly Bonus Program is designed for advertisers who want to engage in ongoing campaigns. The program rewards advertisers who commit to a minimum monthly spend with PayPerPost. Advertisers receive bonus dollars for use in PayPerPost each month based on the length of contract and monthly spend level.


1. Register Your Blog
Provide the URL for your blog and complete the claim blog process.
2. Evaluate and Respond to Leads
Let advertisers know you are interested in their Opportunities by responding to Leads. You can choose to accept an advertisers price or negotiate.
3. Write Posts and Get Paid
When you find an Opportunity you like simply write your blog post and submit it back to the Advertiser. Funds are released to your account after 30 days. As soon as your balances reaches $50.00 you can withdraw your funds via PayPal.

How do I cash out my account?
To cash out your account, click the 'my account' tab at the top right of the page. In the 'my finances' box enter the amount that you wish to withdraw and click the 'submit' button. Please note that you must have accumulated at least $50.00 to cash out these funds to your PayPal account.

What is 'price per word?'
This is the minimum amount you are willing to accept per word. Please be aware that you will not be offered more than this amount, so be sure to choose an amount that you are comfortable accepting. The default amount is .03 per word so, for a 200 word post, you will make $6.00, plus your 'price per link'. So for example, say you have a $5.00 'price per link', and a $0.03 'price per word'. A 200 word opp would earn you: $5.00 + (200 * $0.03) = $11.00

What is 'price per post?'
This is the minimum amount you are willing to accept per post. Choose an amount that you are comfortable accepting. You can use the suggest-a-price feature to get an idea how to price your blog, it will be based on the PR score of your blog. Remember that even though some of the opportunities are link only, the expectation is that the link(s) will be embedded in a new original content post on your blog.

How many blogs can I add to my account?
There is no limit to the number of blogs that you can add to your account.

How do I accept an offer?
When an advertiser presents an opportunity to you, it will appear in your 'opportunities' page. Click on the 'more details/take this opp' button to read the opportunity requirements. If you choose to accept the offer, simply write your post and enter the post URL in the appropriate field. Please note, you have three (3) days from the initial offer date to submit your post. Failure to submit your post within the allotted time frame will permanently remove the offer from your list.

Approval Percentage

The percentage of posts for which you have been paid compared with the total number of offers created.

The act of blocking a future relationship with either an advertiser or blogger.

Blog Score
The percentage of posts for which you have been paid compared with the total number of offers created.

Cashing Out
The act of manually transferring funds from your PayPerPost earnings to your PayPal account.

Change Request
A request from an advertiser to make a change to a submitted post.

To refuse an offer made by an advertiser.

Letting readers know in a meaningful and transparent way that some of the posts in a blog have been compensated.
-In-post disclosure: Adding a sentence to the post that it has been sponsored.
-Site wide disclosure: Adding a site wide policy to your blog that states some of your content has been sponsored which is linked to each page of your blog. You can get a site wide disclosure policy at

These are the funds released to your account for the approved posts that have gone all the way through to payout.

Experience Score
The total number of completed transactions (offers for which you have been paid) that have occurred per blog in your account.

History Score
This is comprised of three blogger stats shown both globally (throughout the system) and locally (my previous opps.). This history score is made up of the number of opportunities a blogger has declined, the number of approved posts and the number of rejections. This score will only appear in advertiser accounts.

Invitation Percentage
The number of times opportunities have been offered to bloggers compared with the number of posts that those bloggers have submitted.

Minimum Advertiser Rating
The number of opportunity posts an advertiser has paid compared with the total number of opportunities acted upon.

The removal of your post from an opportunity by an advertiser.

The posts offered to you by advertisers. In PayPerPost v.4 these are grouped in three categories.
-Open- All opportunities that have been offered, but not submitted and those that are pending a change request.
-Pending- All submitted posts that have yet to be reviewed.
-Complete- All opportunities that have been either, approved, rejected or paid.

The act of viewing blogger information during opportunity creation in order to determine which blogs are the best fit for your opportunity.

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