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TextLinkBrokers are a reputable link building company dedicated to providing the most effective Link Building, SEO, and Reputation Management services on the planet. Since 2003 we have helped thousands of companies to build long term organic rankings on the search engines. Our innovative, full service, Link Building Services combined with our unparalleled expertise in creating long term strategies is the foundation that allows us to deliver consistent results and high ROI's.

Earn Money, Sell Links!

Why Sell Text Links?

•Links pay very well for the amount of screen space they take up.
•They are unobtrusive and not annoying to your visitors.
•You can get steady monthly revenue that doesn't fluctuate according to traffic.

TextLinkBrokers makes selling links easy, safe, and profitable
•Sales Volume
TextLinkBrokers is the largest brokerage by sales volume, inventory selection, and client base (over 20,000 clients served) ; our search features make it easy for link buyers to find related links in the farthest reaches of your site.
•Large Reseller Base – We have a large reseller base which we provide a generous commission too for selling your links.
•Professional Sales Staff – Our staff is knowledgeable and committed to help sell your links.
•ConvenienceTextLinkBrokers has a convenient login to view new link placement requests and other partner data.
•Non-Exclusive – As long as you abide by the conditions you agree to in regards to link limits, quality, relevancy and type of links agreed to, you are free to sell links to others as well. Becoming an inventory partner has no opportunity cost to you.
•Safety – We screen each link buyer for you and turn away penalized sites or 'bad neighborhoods'.
•RelevancyTextLinkBrokers can find link buyers related to your site that you actually want to link to.
•Anonymity – We protect the identity of your site until the link is purchased. We will never disclose your site's URL or your name on our site.

Rely on Reputation Management Services that Work!

Are you discovering negative listings about your company that you would like to “push down” in the search results?
Do you have positive content that you would like “pushed up” in the search rankings?
Want to work with a company that can not only create and syndicate positive content, but also push that content to the top of the search engines while replacing and pushing down negative content?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, call TextLinkBrokers at (866) 489-8546 now!
Ranking in the top 10 on the search engines is vital – but only if that content is positive! With the explosion of blogs and social media, every individual has the opportunity to voice their opinion on anything — whether those opinions are positive, neutral or negative. Unfortunately, most people who post online do so to gripe about something. If their gripe is about your product or service, it can come back to bite you as a high-ranking search result.

The overwhelming quantity of derogatory comments made against company brands and individuals in today’s opinionated landscape has given rise to a new, high demand service…Reputation Management.

Reputation Management pushes down derogatory comments by replacing them with positive content. That content is then syndicated through a number of diverse communication channels. Traditionally, most content has a short life span of 1-30 days before it falls to the wayside and gets replaced by newer content. The trick is to make sure that your positive copy is not lost in cyberspace, drowned out by the overwhelming competition.

So How Do You Get Top Search Engine Ranking Visibility on Your Content for Months if Not Years? TextLinkBrokers Reputation Management! Our diverse portfolio of strategically coordinated links will take your content to the top of the search engines. Our innovative strategies will make the negative comments about your brand or good name disappear from the top pages. Since most people don’t venture more than two pages down on a search, Reputation Management can very effectively thwart any attempt to sully your good name online.

TextLinkBrokers is known internationally as the #1 SEO Link Building Company and the leader in delivering Top 10 Rankings for thousands of clients. Reputation Management is easy when you use TextLinkBrokers.com, because we understand the single complex component most essential to success …links and link strategies!

Rely on TextLinkBrokers to ensure that the good things people and companies say about your product, service, brand or name appear near the top. When you combine our Reputation Management skills with our ability to rank your website near the top of search engines, you have an unbeatable combination that you can’t do without.

How Reputation Management Works
TLB’s Reputation Management service makes sure that every major event, product, news release or endorsement gets front-and-center attention on relevant websites, logs, blogs and more.

•News ; Social Media Monitoring: We comb the Internet to find all mentions of your brand, product, individual name, etc. and condense this information into a report. We analyze the content and apply a sentiment ranking (positive, neutral, negative) in addition to grouping the content into topical themes. Our monitoring services are continuous to insure we track all ongoing and new discussions around the keywords that are important to you.
•Promotion of Existing Positive Content: We use our link building products to move preexisting positive comments, releases, reports, video and any other media to the top positions in the search engines!
•Creation and Promotion of New External Marketing Content: The more good things people have to say about you, the better. So we create new search engine optimized content for you that we host on websites, post on blogs, syndicate to news agencies, submit to topical directories and post on social media networks and profiles. Then, we follow up by building links to the content. This helps to push it up to the top of the search engines. Then we continue building links to keep that copy at the top!
•SEO: TextLinkBrokers offers full on-page search engine optimization, W3C compliancy, website architecture consulting, landing page optimization and link building to insure your site gets top rankings and increased conversions.

Good Content at the Top of the Search Engines = Good Reputation, Increased Brand Exposure, More Visitors and Clients. So reinforce your good reputation…and make sure you keep it. Call TextLinkBrokers.com now and ask us about Reputation Management! We’d stake your reputation on it!

Call us toll-free 1-866-489-8546 or use our contact form

Cutting Through the Hype - Trust Building before Link Building
It is tough to know who you can trust with your link building and SEO campaigns. If you ask 100 different SEO's what types of links you should build you will likely get 100 different answers. Some of the "Puritans" believe that you should never engage in artificial link building, while others take a much more Liberal stance. Puritans fear that the search engines will eventually track down all artificial links and devalue them, or worse that they will inevitably penalize every webmaster who buys a single link. Liberal link builders run fast and loose with their link building, often times carelessly engaging in overly risky behaviors bound to draw unnecessary attention.

TextLinkBrokers takes a moderate approach to link building. While we offer services that even the purist of puritans will approve of (Link Bait etc..) we also offer more traditional volume based services such as directory and article link building. Regardless of the particular service we offer, our goal is always the same, maximize the effectiveness of our client's rankings while minimizing the risks of any unnecessary penalizations. Utilizing dozens of link building methods we have learned how to build effective campaigns that balance velocity, quantity, and quality to deliver top rankings that last.

For more informations, please visit TextLinkBrokers

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