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Smorty has the worlds largest network of high quality blogs. Each and every blog is carefully reviewed before accepting them to our advertising network.

Our blogger community is built on ethics and the desire to help each other generate money from their blogs.

Advertisers can have articles written about their products or services with a link to their site (blog advertising). Bloggers can make money by writing opinion article posts and by pay-per-click advertising commissions.

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Boost your search engine traffic with quality, relevant articles and links from thousands of blogs.
Smorty's service is a communication link between your site and thousands of blogs.

Create an advertising campaign and watch bloggers write unique review articles about your services. Each blogger will link back to your website using your specific keywords.
•Blog advertising made easy. Proven results.
•Get blogger reviews for your website.
•Pay only for the posts you approve
•Each article has unique content and links back to you
•Thousands of fully indexed top quality blogs
•Be noticed in the content thread of blog articles

Make money from your blog. Write opinion articles or publish contextual advertising
Get paid for publishing. Publish pay-per-click advertising on your blog to generate
residual income.

Get paid for blogging. Write your opinion about peoples products and services to turn your daily blog updates into money.

Smorty pay directly to your PayPal account. Apply with multiple blogs to generate higher income.  
•Write your opinions or publish ads
•Earn top Dollars
•Select subjects that interest you
•Publish in multiple blogs to earn more
•Build interesting, unique content in your Blog
•Make residual money from your blog


Does Smorty accept gambling related advertising?
No, we don't accept ad campaigns related to gambling.

How does Smorty blog advertising work?
Smorty is a hub between advertisers and bloggers. The system is very straight forward to use. You create your blog advertising campaign, Smorty reviews it and delivers it instantly to its vast blogger network. Each blog post is checked automatically by Smorty smart review. All approved posts appear on your admin panel for optional manual review, posts must comply with blogger rules.

What is an advertising campaign?
Your ad campaign consists of a description explaining to the bloggers what to write about, your keywords, the price per post, minimum page rank of blogs to distibute your campaign to, your URL and the number of blog posts you want written for each keyword. This campaign is distributed to the most relevant bloggers to get you the best results.

Why use Smorty?
There is an immeasurable difference in search engine rankings when you build inbound links from unique content using keyword rich text. Gone are the days of link building using directories or reciprocal linking, search engines are smarter than they used to be. Blog advertising (bloggers writing unique articles about your services or website in their blogs) is proven to be the most effective way to get the organic, permanent rankings you need.

Smorty use a unique 5 star rating system to ensure your posts are delivered to the best quality blogs on our network every time.

How does Smorty differ from other blog advertising companies?
Advertising on blogs will always bring you a great result but how do you know which company to go for? Smorty stringently tests every blog application for a large number of criteria. We don't simply look at PageRank or the number of indexed pages to determine approval, we do look at over 20 factors on each blog and create a Smorty smart 5 star rating which is proven to bring a better result from traffic and inbound links from relevant content. This is the big difference in using Smorty, your money will be spent more effectively. There are no low quality bloggers!

What is the Smorty 5 star rating?
Smorty's 5 star rating system was built to ensure that only the top quality bloggers are getting your posts. Each blogger builds up a star rating out of 5, this is an accumulation of 1. Advertisers rating each post a blogger does, 2. If a post is completed successfully, 3. If a task expires for that blogger, 4. If a task is sent back to the blogger to be fixed, 5. If their post was declined, and 6. The average rating of all blogs in their account.
Your campaigns will firstly be delivered to the 5 star bloggers and depending on how many posts you have requested, they will work their way down as each star rating has been exhausted. This means that your ads are delivered to the best bloggers on our network first.

Does it cost to have an account with Smorty?
No, it's absolutely free to have an account with Smorty. The only cost involved is what you bid for bloggers to write opinions with links back to your site.

What is Page Rank?
Page rank is a complicated algorithm based on many areas, to simply explain, a high page ranked site has many back links from other relevant high page ranked sites. This is why blog advertising articles are so important in gaining high page rank and high search engine rankings, blog articles have unique content relevant to the site they link to.

Can I choose the minimum Page Rank of the blogs my campaigns are delivered to?
Page Rank is a major factor contributing to the quality of a blog in terms of effectiveness for an inbound link.
It is a proven fact that inbound links from a higher but natural range of Page Ranked websites is far more affective than a consistent level of lower Page Ranked websites. If you create a campaign with Smorty and bid a higher amount to get higher page ranked blogs then you will almost certainly return better rankings for your site.
Although you can not discount the quality of a page ranked "0" blog. Sometimes a website with a low Page Rank of "0" can often have more indexed pages for a longer time, better more relevant content, less outbound links and is crawled more often by search engines. This type of blog will generally provide better traffic and a very effective inbound link.
Smorty's smart ranking system was built and tested to bring you the best results blog advertising can offer. Your campaigns will go further with Smorty.

How much does it cost to advertise on blogs?
The minimum recommended bid value per post is US$10. You can increase your unit price to attract more bloggers and higher ranked blogs to post opinion articles about you. You can also set a minimum page rank requirement for your campaign and there are recommended bid values for each minimum page rank.

Are there any minimum purchase amounts or monthly service fees?
No, we don't charge any monthly service fees and there are no minimum purchase amounts, however there is a recommended minimum bid value of US$10 per post. This can return you articles from a large range of quality blogs including page ranks between 0 and 6.

How does my bid affect inbound link quality and can I control the Page Rank of blogs my campaign is distributed to?
You can specify the minimum Page Rank of the blogs your campaign is ditributed to. If you bid a higher amount, you can choose a higher page rank. If you bid low and select a high page rank then it's unlikely that bloggers will accept your campaign.

What are the payment methods?
Smorty accepts campaign payments via PayPal, Visa and MasterCard.

How long will it take to start seeing rank improvements from building inbound links?
Search engines alter ranking from inbound link popularity at different intervals. Commonly you will increase in rank within the first month by a small amount and then again by a larger amount after 3 months. The longer these links remain and the higher the inbound link is in importance, the higher your rankings will become as time passes. The more links from blogs you have, the higher your ranking will be!
You will often see a faster and better result from an older domain (a domain which has been indexed in Google for a number of years) as oppose to a brand new domain. You will also see a better result from your keyword if your website is also well optimized for that keyword.

Can I choose the category of blog I want my campaign delivered to?
Smorty is currently building it's categories, this will be featured shortly in your advertiser admin.

What is RSS syndication?
RSS Syndication is used to describe a group of websites feeding information directly from a single source such as a blog. It's commonly used by websites to feed up to date news articles.

How does RSS syndication help me?
If bloggers are writing articles on blogs accepting RSS feeds, then any website connecting to that blogs RSS will also show your article with your backlink, therefore multiplying your backlinks from only one post.

When will I be charged?
As soon as you create the blog advertising campaign you will be charged the total amount for that campaign.

What is the criteria for a campaign to be approved?
Your advertising campaign should not contain any violent, hate related or adult content. We do not approve campaigns which include banned URL's by Google. Please check our rules page for details.

Can I update a campaign once it is approved?
You can't change campaign details once it is approved. You should double check all details before submitting your campaign.

What happens to my payment if my campaign doesn't get approved?
Once Smorty has sent you an email describing why your campaign was not approved, you have a chance to fix these problems. Once they are fixed you can resubmit for another review. If the problem can not be fixed, (e.g. banned domain name) we will offer you a full refund.

How do I specify how many article posts are written by bloggers?
When creating a campaign, you are provided the option of offering a few keywords for bloggers to use as the hyperlink anchor text, in this section you can enter how many posts you want written for this keyword. This is how you limit the number of article posts written for your campaign, this controls your expenditure.

Can I create more than one blog advertising campaign?
Yes, create as many campaigns as you like. 

How many links can I have on each posting?
You are allowed only one (1) link per blog post. You can distribute different keyword links when you create a campaign.

Where does the link go?
The link will be placed on a selected (by you) anchor text, (keyword or phrase) for that campaign. This is the most effective way to generate good search engines results for your site with that keyword.

Can I tell the bloggers what to write?
The bloggers write their own opinions about the website or service you provide in your ad campaign. All text is original and you can dispute each opinion as long as it's within our terms.

Do I have the right to dispute some of the posts?
Yes you do. Once the article is ready for approval you have within 5 days to dispute as long as the reason is within our terms. You cannot dispute a post based on Page Rank, your own terms written in the description box, grammar or spelling unless it is excessive. If you don't dispute any of the articles within 5 days they will be automatically approved. If the blogger can fix the post, it will be sent back to them and re-posted within 24 hours for your second review.

Am I hiring professional writers?
Bloggers are not classed as professional writers. The majority of posts are extremely well written, although, as the purpose of smorty is to generate buzz and build inbound links naturally, perfect grammar and a spelling mistake is not a reason we accept for a dispute. The most important aspect of a post is your keywords, the link to your website and the topic, this is what will improve your ranking and exposure.

What are the criterias of being an approved blog?
Smorty uses a unique smart scoring system qualifying over 20 points for each blog, here are a few of the main criteria.
•The blog must be indexed by Google and Yahoo
•The blog must be older than 3 months
•The blog must not contain any violent, hate related or adult content
•The blog must be active and have a history of minimum average 2 new posts per week
•The blog must not have duplicate posts or excessive duplicate content

How do I become an Advertiser?
Easily. click smorty here to start

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